The hair of Samoyed is composed by two types of coat: the COVERING COAT, straight, silky and brillant; the UNDERCOAT is soft, woolly to protect the skin.
The coat and skin health of Samoyed depend on good feeding and on the care of the coat by his owner. You have to comb the Samoyed’s coat very frequently from a young age.
In spite of appearance, the Samoyed’s coat doesn’t need a lot of maintenance; it’s a coat that doesn’t get dirty easily. When a dog is young, its coat is gauzy and thick and you only have to brush frequently with a carding-brush (Slikker brush) and wash it with a special product for pets, for example a type of shampoo without sodium chloride (salt).

When your dog is about a year old and it will have all his covering coat, you must take care to groom it: first of all, you have to use a brush then a wide-tooth comb.In case you are interested in exhibiting, you would have to take even better care of your dog’s coat, maybe with the help of a groomer.

After using a whitening shampoo, to give mass to the coat, you might employ another product which contains mint extracts, hamamelis and vegetable proteins.
If your dog has a dry, dull coat with poor growth, you could employ a nourishing oil, made up of a mixture such as wheat germ-oil, avocado-oil, almond-oil and soya-oil, together with some water, twice a week for about a month.

To complete this treatment, you must wash your Samoyed every 6/10 days.
To drive mosquitoes and flies away from your dog, mix these oils with some drops of lavender-oil, geranium, laurel and eucalyptus.

There is another way to clean the coat: dry-cleaning, that is without a bath. With a vaporizer and some water, moisten all the coat, put over it some whitening powder, let it dry and, at the end, brush against the nap.


Loretta Pezzato Vignanelli