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Hi, let me introduce myself:

My name is Loris Dilena, I love dogs and since 1989 I have been a Samoyed amateur breeder.

My main job is professional dog groomer .

I am married and I have a son who is 20 years old.

I consider myself very lucky because I have the chance to live in a marvellous region, which is Romagna.

The small village where I live is S.Martino in Strada, in Forlì,

It’s very quite here and my country house is surrounded by a river and a park with trees, and plants where my dogs can grow up free.

Let me tell you about the way I fell in love with the Samoyed breed for the first time in 1988.

During a country festival, I was walking with my family and some friends of ours, when I saw a couple seated on the Church’s steps and two marvellous Samoyed dogs, lying at their feet.

It was like a Thunderbolt, I immediately felt an attraction for those dogs, and like a mad man, I started asking questions to the two owners, we talked for more than two hours... I totally forgot my friends and my wife!

It was difficult to let them go, but they had to promise to phone me as soon as the next litter was born. A few months later the telephone rang! I was so exited! After two months a male puppy Blue Sky,“Taro” to our friends, joined our family and from that day I started to attend different dog shows.

Consequently, I had the chance to meet the legendary Samoyed “Karazoe Snow Legend” imported from England, and the owners of course, with Mr. Finocchi and Rivi I made an agreement, to buy a female puppy from a mating of Snow Legend, and in this way I started my dog-breeding. My main goal is to grow puppies as much as possible up to the highest standard and to maintain the pure Karazoe line of blood breed by doing selected mating.

I am having great satisfactions and success from my dogs, with their qualifications achieved at the ‘European Expo’ and other shows. With their kind heart and sweet temperament!  What a good incentive for me to go on with this activity as breeder.

I can honestly say that my passion for the samoyed breed is growing higher and higher, day by day... my wife says that is has become like an illness!





Allevamento San Martino

di Loris Dilena

Via F.lli Sendi n.5

47100 Forlì  ITALY

Tel: +39 0543 85720   Cell: 349 2513403

E.Mail: slegdog@hotmail.com